Empowered by the greatest EU webhosters

Welcome at TWS – Total Webhosting Solutions

Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS) is the Pan-European performance house of local webhosting companies. Empowered by the greatest EU-webhosters, we offer your webhosting brand the opportunity to reach its full potential through the implementation of group best practices.

Acquired Brands

Our portfolio of acquired webhosting brands -and many more to follow!- includes local heroes such as:

Ran Networks

Accelerating Performance

Throughout Europe, we provide savvy and devoted entrepreneurs with the foundation to further strengthen and expand their businesses and create long term value. They can decide only to sell their business and reap the benefits of their years of hard work, or as well continue their commitment and involvement to future performance.

Best Possible Value

TWS will create the best possible value in your webhosting company—creating more value you could ever imagine. Or reach on your own. We provide local webhosting entrepreneurs a clear path forward to continue developing their local empire at an accelerated speed — this while taking some money off the table at the moment of entering our family.

Focus on Webhosting Entrepreneurs

Our focus is entirely on making your webhosting business accelerate. We’re building a European house of sustainable webhosting brands. Maximizing business and brand value, company performance, and entrepreneurial wealth.

Nurturing the Power of Local Entrepreneurship and Brands

At TWS, we nurture local entrepreneurial pride and spirit. Regardless whether you stay involved or not. We believe in the power of strong local webhosting brands with their unique identities, values, and intimate customer relationships.

Playing Field, Profession, Track Record, and Mission

As a house of brands, the European webhosting market is our playing field, providing benchmarked playbooks our profession, business acceleration our track record, and building an enduring webhosting business together whilst creating entrepreneurial wealth our mission.