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Alphamega Hosting B.V. (“Alphamega”), a Dutch web hosting provider, has been acquired by PCextreme B.V. (“PCextreme”), a fast-growing Dutch Internet Service Provider that is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”). This is the second acquisition of PCextreme in a short period of time.

Vlissingen, January 14, 2020 – PCextreme has once again acquired a Dutch webhosting provider. It is the second acquisition in a short period of time, on December the 18th, the company from Zeeland also acquired Flexwebhosting from Eindhoven. With the support of TWS, the company is pursuing an active acquisition policy.

Alphamega was established in 2001 and offers web hosting, e-mail and domain names for small and medium-sized enterprises and internet agencies. Due to the consolidation among Dutch hosting providers, founder and director Chris Vermeulen decided to look for a larger provider for Alphamega. “During our search for a good partner, it was important to us that the quality and service that customers expect from us would be continued. We have made a well considered choice and at PCextreme I had the feeling that my company and customers will be in good hands. For me, a sense of pride predominates. Under the guidance of PCextreme, the company can continue to grow and serve our customers even better.”

Thomas de Looff, MD PCextreme: “This second acquisition in such a short time shows the ambition we have to further expand our leading market position. With the quality of our infrastructure and systems, we believe we can offer the Alphamega customers more value for money, creating a win-win situation. Thanks in part to the application of the knowledge and experience at the TWS sister organizations, as well as the financial strength of TWS, we can accelerate our development.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO of TWS: “The acquisition of these kind of smaller web hosting companies fits very well with all the companies of TWS and will be continued in the coming years. Due to our scale, all our companies can perform above average. For example, because cross-selling is possible, which leads to revenue growth. In addition, we can roll out investments in infrastructure and technology on a larger scale, thus creating opportunities to save costs. By joining TWS these smaller companies can benefit from these advantages, and thereby become a better and more successful company.”

 About Alphamega

For more than 18 years, more than 50,000 entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations have entrusted the hosting of their website to Alphamega. The mission of Alphamega is to help as many website owners as possible to get their websites and their online presence successful by coaching, advising and guiding them with articles, step-by-step plans and relevant quality solutions such as Succes Hosting Package, WordPress Hosting Package and TopSite sitebuilder.

For more information, please refer to the Alphamega website: https://www.alphamega.nl/

 About PCextreme

PCextreme builds innovative web hosting and cloud services and manages the infrastructure for several large web hosting companies in the Netherlands. The company started in 2004 as a Web hosting and domain name provider and has become among the largest Dutch Cloud & Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. Our team has a great deal of technical knowledge, which we are able to properly support customers. We offer a stable, safe and fast environment for all our customers. PCextreme works from two locations in the Netherlands, Vlissingen (head office) and Amsterdam.

For more information, please refer to the PCextreme website: https://www.pcextreme.eu/

 About Total Webhosting Solutions

TWS is active in the market for web hosting and cloud services and consists of various autonomous companies. Every company supplies products and (specialized) services to its customer segment. Due to their autonomous nature, the business units are flexible, adaptive and offer the highest possible added value for customers. Moreover, participation in TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality and invest in the future. TWS offers financial security, strategic guidance and best practices for its companies. Other companies operating under the TWS umbrella include Yourhosting, Versio, PCextreme, RealHosting, De Heeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada, InforTelecom, Axarnet, Cartagon, SoHosted and Argeweb.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: https://www.tws.eu



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