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Argeweb B.V. (“Argeweb”), the most customer-friendly web host in the Netherlands, joins Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”), the fast-growing Dutch market leader in web hosting. The collaboration with TWS enables Argeweb to continue its premium service model and to continue growing in the premium market segment.

Zwolle, 29 November 2019 – Argeweb is one of the largest and most customer-oriented Dutch web hosting companies. Over the past 20 years, a market leading position has been built up in the premium market segment. Argeweb has always remained an independent company, even after the acquisition by KPN in 2014. In its cooperation with TWS, Argeweb’s independence will continue to be guaranteed and the current organization will have the opportunity to further grow and innovate. Together with TWS, Argeweb is the absolute Dutch market leader and there is every opportunity to further expand this leading position.

The sale of its web hosting portfolio is in line with KPN’s strategy to simplify. That is why KPN recently started migrating all of its domain & web hosting related services to Argeweb. This internal consolidation has led Argeweb to become a top-5 player in the Netherlands. After the internal consolidation, KPN sought a good and permanent home for its web hosting customers. In the search for a good acquisition partner, it was crucial that the premium service that Argeweb’s customers are used to would be continued.

Koen van Deudekom, CEO Argeweb

“I am happy with the opportunity that TWS offers Argeweb, as a company and for me personally. With TWS as a partner, we can continue to guarantee our premium service in the future, and we will continue to invest in new and relevant services for our customers. We also expect that applying the learnings and experiences from other TWS sister companies will accelerate our organic growth in the coming years. Furthermore, we have gained a lot of operational knowledge and experience regarding technical migrations in recent years, which we are happy to use to do our own acquisitions in this rapidly consolidating market”.

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TWS

“The web hosting market is not growing fast and is expected to consolidate further. Web hosting companies have built a stable customer base and are now looking for opportunities to continue their success in this changing market. Customers benefit from quality and focus. We help to achieve this by giving management access to knowledge gained at other web hosting companies. Each entrepreneur that joins TWS brings its own unique set of performance skills and experiences, and TWS creates an environment in which entrepreneurs can learn from each other. We’re very pleased that we can welcome Koen and his team to TWS to further expand our leading position in the Dutch market”.

About Argeweb

Argeweb is the largest premium hosting provider in the Netherlands and provides services such as domain registration, web hosting, VPS, e-mail hosting, Office 365 and online storage services. Argeweb focuses on the self-employed and SME segment, and also serves ambitious individuals. With the mission to realize the online ambitions of customers, the entire team works on the best possible customer experience. They distinguish themselves with personal attention and relevant services to help their customers become successful online.

About Total Web Hosting Solutions (“TWS”)

TWS is active in the market for web hosting and cloud services and consists of various autonomous companies. Every company supplies products and (specialized) services to its customer segment. Due to their autonomous nature, the business units are flexible, adaptive and offer the highest possible added value for customers. Moreover, participation in TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality and invest in the future. TWS offers financial security, strategic guidance and best practices for its companies. Other companies operating under the TWS umbrella include Yourhosting, Versio, PC Extreme, RealHosting, De Heeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada, InforTelecom, Axarnet, Cartagon and SoHosted.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: https://www.tws.eu


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Matthieu van Amerongen