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Balancing Freedom and Commitment

At TWS, we believe in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit based on the power of strong local webhosting brands with their unique identities and customer relationships. Each entrepreneur is free to set their terms. It is a lean modus operandi that balances freedom and commitment: 

  • Freedom to expand your empire, both through organic growth and by acquisitions;
  • Commitment to new business practices to deliver best-in-class performance.

The local webhosting entrepreneurs keep their autonomy and at the same time can leverage all the knowledge available from peers and coaches. It’s this delicate balance between us respecting each entrepreneur’s independence and the entrepreneur showing unequivocal commitment to jointly winning the Champions League of webhosting. 

Traditional Consolidation Model vs. …

How-we-work provides a better way. In the conventional private equity consolidation model, entrepreneurs can’t continue: 

  • To take pride in their webhosting brand they build and enjoy being celebrated local entrepreneurs, as their businesses are sooner or later dismantled and fully integrated;
  • To provide a good future for their people, as consolidation leaves the destinies of employees uncertain;
  • To be involved in the long-term performance of their webhosting company and reap the benefits from it.

… what TWS delivers

We work closely together to successfully execute your strategy, while actively investigating market developments and opportunities for realizing additional acquisitions or growth.

TWS provides easy access to peers and coaches, including dedicated M&A specialists and organizational experts focused on leveraging economies of scale. This enables you to accelerate growth & performance and enter the Champions’ League of Europe’s webhosting market. 

Why Playbooks?

Success isn’t driven simply by having the right plan. More often than not, success depends on how well you execute. However, your entrepreneurial challenges are new, complicated, and risky.

It helps if you have webhosting playbooks to your availability based on European benchmarks and best practices, to minimize risk and accelerate success.

Why European benchmarked Playbooks?

TWS Playbooks are benchmarked against European best practices in order to optimize webhosting performance. There is a lot to learn from colleagues that are ahead of the game. Every entrepreneur we work with has its own unique recipe book. At TWS, we base your growth on intelligence and facts, not guesswork. 

Our benchmarks provide insight and data to help you define and manage your business acceleration, minimizing risk, and maximizing success. We update these insights regularly and offer you access to the entrepreneurs in our network that can help you progress with accuracy—not opinion, nor assumption.

TWS provides entrepreneurs with practical hands-on:

  • Benchmarked measurement of capabilities and KPIs, such as:
    • Customer churn analyses
    • Upsell potential analyses
    • R&D benchmarks analyses
  • Insider knowledge, such as:
    • Organizational do’s and don’ts
    • Pricing strategies do’s and don’ts
    • Sales and marketing do’s and don’ts
  • Business acceleration, such as:
    • Increasing gross margin analyses
    • ROI capital analyses
    • Improve strategic cost analyses

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