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Singular Web S.L. (“Singular Web”) a Spanish webhosting company based in Barcelona, has been acquired by Axarnet Group S.L. (“Axarnet”), a Spanish webhosting company with an active buy-and-build strategy that is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”).

Madrid, March 30, 2020 – Singular Web was established in 1999 and offers a full-service web hosting portfolio for small and medium-sized enterprises. The founder of Singular Web, Jacinto Santos found that due to its limited size investments in development became increasingly difficult. He decided to find a partner who is able to ensure the required investments can be made. “Because of my long-term relationship with Axarnet, I knew they could guarantee the same high level of attention and support to my customers, therefore I believe they are the right buyer for my company.”

Ventura Gil Peña, MD Axarnet Group: “This is our second acquisition in Spain in two months. The Spanish webhosting market is currently consolidating at an accelerating speed. By sharing knowledge, best practices and resources, TWS can help acquired companies to grow in these fast changing market conditions. We have executed the transaction with Singular Web in only 6 weeks, which shows that we can act very fast when there is a good fit.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO of TWS: “These smaller web hosting companies are a great fit for TWS. By joining TWS, smaller companies become more successful in this rapidly changing market. We understand the market rationale for this opportunity and believe that Ventura and his team are excellently positioned to capture a leading position in the further consolidation of the Spanish web hosting market – together with TWS.”

About Singular Web

Since 1999 Singular Web has provided domain registration and web hosting services, to SME companies. Singular Web has always aimed to establish itself as a secure partner for its clients with the ambition to assist customers to growth together. Please refer to the Singular Web website for more information: https://www.singularweb.com/

About Axarnet

Axarnet is a group of hosting companies specialized in domain management and high availability hosting services for corporate and private customers. Currently the labels Plexval, Domitienda, ABserver, Avanzas, Infortelecom, Softec, Register.es, RAN Networks and Axarnet are part of the Axarnet Group. Axarnet has offices in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga.

Please visit https://www.axarnet.es for more information.

About Total Webhosting Solutions

TWS is active in the market for web hosting and cloud services and consists of various autonomous companies. Every company supplies products and (specialized) services to its customer segment. Due to their autonomous nature, the business units are flexible, adaptive and offer the highest possible added value for customers. Moreover, participation in TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality and invest in the future. TWS offers financial security, strategic guidance and best practices for its companies. Other companies that operate under the umbrella of TWS include Yourhosting, Versio, PCextreme, RealHosting, DeHeeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada, InforTelecom, Axarnet, SoHosted, Argeweb, Flexwebhosting, Alphamega, Sitebytes, Sloppy.io and RAN Networks.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: https://www.tws.eu


Axarnet Group

Ventura Gil Peña